Company Program


JA’s Company Program is a free after-school program for high school students that enables them to gain “real world” business experience. Your company (a group of 10-15 students) will create real products, sell to real customers, using real money.


The program runs once/week for 18 weeks in a comprehensive environment which provides a hands-on, no-risk opportunity to high-school students in grades 9-12 who are interested in exercising and learning entrepreneurial skills. These skills are supported by experienced entrepreneurs and knowledgeable mentors.


Company Program Starts the week: To be determined. Please Register below for more information. 


MONDAYS : Program will be run online.
TUESDAYS: Program will be run online.

WEDNESDAYS:  Program will be run online.

 Students will:

  1. Meet like-minded students from the community
  2. Brainstorm, design, and prototype product ideas
  3. Create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely)
  4. Become a candidate and/or vote on executives for their new company (President, VP Marketing, VP Finance, etc.)
  5. Present their product, team, and company to local “Dragons” in order to secure investment
  6. Budget, raise capital, begin production, and sell their own products





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High School Students


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Company program was highly valuable to my personal and professional development. The opportunity to learn and fail in a safe environment taught me real world business sense that will help me with my career and give me a leg up in the modern business world.

–Raya Porter JA Alumni



Thanks to the 2019/2020 Company Program Location Sponsors



For any inquiries about Company Program please contact Sheena Gosse



Company Program Mentor Spotlight

Chris Santos



Chris has just finished his third year as a Company Program Mentor and is already signed up for his fourth. He is incredibly invested in this entrepreneurial program and the growth of his students. Due to a shortage of Mentors on Monday nights this year, Chris stepped up and offered to volunteer on both Monday and Tuesday nights. I was blown away by how willing he was to help even more than he already had been. This means that his volunteer hours this past school year with us are estimated at 200 hours.


Through his time at JA, Chris has flowed through various volunteer opportunities in-class and after-school. I have always appreciated his honest feedback to our programs and his long-term commitment to our JA mission. Chris brings such a fun presence to the classroom that connects directly with the students. The time he puts into preparing for his JA days goes a long way to ensure he always has a smooth program delivery. It’s great to have a volunteer that changes their volunteer role as they grow with their career, as opposed to phasing themselves out of our organization. By doing this, Chris is always challenging himself in our volunteer roles and ensuring he is always passionate about what JA program he is teaching. On top of all this, Chris is also a great role model for the youth that partake in JA programs.


Chris is a very inspiring person. Not only does he have a background in Finance which offers so much to Company Program and the various in-class programs he teaches, but he is generally a very well-rounded individual. Outside of his job and JA programs, he makes time for himself and his personal growth. He travels, plays several sports and maintains a close relationship with his family and friends, all the while committing so much time to JA for 3 years running. I don’t know how he does it, but I do know that all of these things make him a great individual and volunteer. He is positive, dedicated and each week he shows how much the students value his guidance. They trust him and they take him seriously.


Chris always offers suggestions and feedback for future activities and events and he has never missed a post-program debrief meeting. He truly cares about the success of JA as an organization, its programs, and the students involved. He is a true Mentor and leader within our community.