Company Program Mentors

Company program is the most comprehensive experience JA has to offer and has been running in Waterloo Region for nearly 50 years. After-school Monday-Wednesday, you select your day and location that will be your night for the duration of the 20-week program. As a Company Program mentor you will leverage your experience to assist a group of 10-15 students in the creation of their own business. In the program students grade 9-12 will learn how to organize and operate all aspects of a real business at no cost to students.


  • Opportunity for professional development of coaching skills
  • Create relationships with like-minded volunteers in the community and highschool students that could be the leaders of tomorrow
  • Build leadership confidence and gain mock management experience


Being a mentor with JA company program has allowed me to grow so much as an individual. I’ve developed valuable coaching/teaching skills that are transferrable to my day to day work and personal life. Working with the students and being able to coach them, develop personal relationships, and see the growth over years is one of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering.  Being able to see a student come into the program who is initially shy and seeing the transformation over the years from the quiet student to the outspoken strong leader is why I continue to come back year after year. 

– Chris Santos, Cowan Insurance, Company Mentor