Our specialized program delivery brings financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness concepts to life through creating a connection between what students are learning and real-world stories that our business volunteers bring into the classroom. With the help of educators and the business community, JAWR is able to provide a truly unique experiential learning opportunities that allows students to step into the business world and inspires them to succeed in their future.


Students who participate in Junior Achievement programs demonstrate a significant understanding of business concepts and a higher degree of personal development – providing them a competitive edge over their peers when it comes time to recruit for post-secondary education, jobs, or management positions.




A Business of Our Own

 Introducing students to process of building their own business and the opportunities it can provide.


 Level: Grades 4-6


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More than Money

 Preparing students to manage their finances in the future.


 Level: Grades 3-4             


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Our Business World

 Introducing students to the possibilities of entrepreneurship in Canada.


 Level: Grades 5-6


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Dollars with Sense

Equips students with the information to make wise financial decisions, avoid living in debt, and become insightful investors.


 Level: Grades 7-10


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Economics for Success

 Enables students to gain a stronger grasp on who they are and what role personal strengths will play in their future success.


 Level: Grades 7-10


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Personal Finance

 Equips students with money management skills to be applied to their personal finances.


 Level: Grades 9-12


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Program Delivery Formats


In addition to the above mentioned options, we also offer an 20-week after-school entrepreneurial program for high school students. This program does not require any additional school support.   For more information on how your students can get involved, see below.



Company Program

Free after-school program that enables students to gain "real world" experience through the creation and operation of all aspects of their own business.


 Level: Grades 9-12                                                                                      COMPANY PROGRAM PAGE


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