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JAWR offers a unique and rewarding volunteer experience

We provide opportunities within corporate volunteer programs (or independently) to inspire and influence students for the better through our easily-implemented programs focused on financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.


Impacting a Future Generation

Building a budget. Learning to network & build a personal brand. Wants versus needs. Aren’t these all things you wish someone had taught you as you were growing up? JA volunteers supply the enthusiasm and life experiences for out programs, which results in bringing relevance between program content and real life for students.



Investing in Your Community

Through volunteering with JAWR and sharing past experiences in your career or personal life you help students understand skills that will help them to succeed in – and prepare for their futures. 



Looking forward, our youth will be the people driving change and innovation. JA inspires youth to be those leaders. We provide students with opportunities to develop skills that they will help them succeed in the future. As a volunteer, you are the bread and butter of our interactive, hands-on programs. JAWR will provide the program training, subject content, and a class full of students ready to benefit from your life experiences.




How to Volunteer

Ways of Volunteering


JAWR is partnered with organizations that provide financial to support the delivery of JA programs & partnership initiatives. These partners will also offer their employee hours to dedicate to JA programming.
- OR -
Individuals in the community can connect with us to deliver a program or become involved in another capacity.




Choose Your Commitment


Our program coordinators are dedicated to creating an opportunity that works for everyone. These coordinators ensure you are ready for your volunteer experience with training, advice, & any resources you may need.






While Volunteering…


Our commitment levels for volunteer opportunities vary significantly – from just over an hour over a single day, to 60 hours spread across 20 weeks. You choose the volunteer platform based on your availability.






Volunteer Channels



Virtual In-Class

 WHERE  Online - from the comfort of your own home/work

 COMMITMENT  30 mins - 1 hour based on your availability. 


In-class volunteer opportunities have changed as program delivery methods have been adapted to align with updated health and safety protocols in schools due to COVID-19. While we can't send volunteers into schools right now, we recognize the valuable contribution volunteers make when sharing their experience and expertise with students and are working with schools and teachers to enable these exchanges to continue. 

Teachers will choose the program delivery method best suited for their class (self-directed online, teacher-led online or teacher-led in class) and will have the opportunity to request a virtual volunteer drop in, where volunteers can answer student questions and provide additional real-world experience to reinforce program topics. 



Company Program Mentor

  WHERE   Online - from the comfort of your own home/work

 COMMITMENT   One 2 hour session/week for 18 Weeks 

As a company program mentor you provide a hands-on, no-risk opportunity to high-school students in grades 9-12 who are interested in exercising and learning entrepreneurial skills. Students will leverage mentor experience and knowledge to create and operate their own business throughout the duration of the program.







What's Happening with Junior Achievement


Welcome to JAWR's new interactive calendar

Live in September 2018


Volunteers - by clicking see all events & programs you will now be able to see upcoming available program bookings through this calendar feature. All details of the program booking will be made available online so that you can see what's available right now or whenever you want to check. 


Educators - post bookings by filling out our day program booking form. View other teachers and schools looking to host programs so you can better determine what you think your students need.

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When I was in grade 8, Paul came to my class at St Teresa to deliver the Economics for Success program. For me it was really inspiring and helped to spark my interest in business. Until meting Paul, I had not had much exposure to business and finance. His passion and enthusiasm led me to then choose all available business courses in high school and proceed to attend university for accounting. When it came time to apply for a job, TD was a natural choice as I remembered how much Paul loved his job.















Keith is a very friendly and warm person. He greets the students with a smile every time he opens a class. He treats the students with respect and they really appreciate his professionalism and his professional background. Students also sense that he is there because he cares about the material, cares for them, and cares about their futures. Keith is adept at getting and maintaining student attention with personal stories, yummy treats, and talking about ideas that students find important. In summary, after working Keith for several years, I have observed that he is caring, competent, and committed to serving students via the JA programs.